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Map Digitization

A & A provides map digitisation services representing analogue signals or raster images by a discrete set of points.

Before any geographic image / map can be used in a GIS system, it must be converted into a compatible digital / vector format known as vectorization. The process of making maps/ map digitizing with GIS is much more flexible than traditional cartography, and we are experienced at it. For many types of geographic operations, the end result can be best visualized as a map. Maps are extremely efficient for the storage, representation and communication of geographic information. To make a well-used quote, "A map is worth a million words."

A & A has digitization experts, who at first, geo-reference the image to be digitized and then converts it to vector format, ie., raster to vector conversion. We have diverse mapping / map digitization services to match various needs of our client's world wide.

They include:
  • Digitization of tax maps
  • Heads up digitization
  • Onscreen digitizing
  • CAD Digitization
  • Digitization of parcel maps

Our map digitization services are being widely used by a number of national and international organizations to manage and present geospatial data because of its flexibility and unique presentation techniques.

A & A also provides mapping services according to user specified specifications such as:
  • Custom mapping
  • Shoreline mapping
  • Utility mapping
  • Muncipal mapping
  • Parcel mapping
  • Mapping of reclamation activities
  • Wildlife and habitat monitoring
  • Image Georectification / Georeferencing
  • Creation / Maintenance of Geospatial Database
  • Data Integration and Data Format Conversion
  • Spatial Analysis and Modeling
  • Map Digitization / Vectorization / Feature Extraction
  • Agriculture/ Forestry: Status change detection
  • Water Resources: Inventory and Management
  • Utility Mapping
  • Feature Extraction
  • Route Network Analysis
  • Soil / Land Studies
  • Rural/Urban: Planning, Development & Management
  • Climatic Change studies
  • Coastal Zone Management studies
  • Disaster Management services
  • Environmental impact assesment
  • Web Mapping
  • Enterprise GIS
  • Geological investigations